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Australian Searches

Title Search (NSW, QLD, TAS, NT, ACT, WA & SA) – Includes information on current owners, mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.

Development Applications (NSW & QLD) – Includes local council information on proposals to change current uses of the land, subdividing, landscaping and to alter the building.

Deposited Plan (NSW) - Includes information on legal boundaries, size & shape of the property, and physical site features.

Strata Plan (NSW) -Includes information on strata schemes and is a subdivision of a parcel of land.

Survey Plan (QLD) - Includes information about a lot boundaries, bearings and distances.

Sewer Diagram (Sydney) - Includes information on private sewer lines and connections to the wastewater system.


Why are Property Checks Important?

When looking to buy or sell a property it’s essential to understand the factors that may influence the value, accessibility and future of that property. Property Searches reduce risk by giving you an understanding of the potential land use restrictions, easements, debts and land value detractors, allowing you to make informed decisions prior to purchase or sale.